Microfluidic Device Fabrication

EFJ Engineering began manufacturing microfluidic devices in 2012 and have been producing a variety of chips/discs for a variety of diagnostic organisations. Utilising our experience and materials knowledge, we provide expert input from prototype stage, right through to batch production for clinical/field trials.

Each microfluidic device produced goes through a rigorous quality control procedure, from initial material inspection to assembled device review, to ensure that all devices produced are up to both our and our customer’s high expectations.


  • Microfluidic Discs
  • Microfluidic Chips
  • Knife-cutting of Adhesives / Gaskets
  • Assembly of disposable / re-usable chips


  • Medical Diagnostics & Monitoring
  • Point of Care Devices
  • Environmental Monitoring
  • Drug Testing
  • Fluidic Mixing
  • Flow Chambers
  • The list is endless
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