Medical Device

EFJ Engineering has a wide variety of services which medical device organisations frequently rely on.

Utilising both CO2 and Fibre lasers, we can laser mark or engrave practically all materials, from ABS medical device bodies to 316 Stainless Steel instruments. Whether this is laser engraving a logo onto a device case or direct part marking of data matrices onto components, our range of machinery and experience makes this possible!

There is a vast array of polymers which can be cut using our CO2 laser. These include Acrylic (PMMA), Polyurethane Foam/Film, Mylar, ABS, Nylon, Delrin/Acetal, Rubber, Polycarbonate, and many others.

CNC Machining (Milling or Routing) is offered at The Laser Company. This service is commonly used for the production of precision jigs & fixtures for use in production environments, assembly tools or locating fixtures when the device is in use.

Here at EFJ, we place quality at the centre of all our services. We perform rigorous quality checks on all aspects of production, from goods in to our outgoing quality control. We strive to provide a stress free experience to our clients who should not need to worry about low-quality services.

Life Science

EFJ Engineering have been involved in a variety of R&D projects over the past 5 years, specifically in the area of microfluidic device manufacturing and assembly. Having been involved from initial prototyping stages through to production/assembly, EFJ provides expert technical input to the design & manufacturing process, employing a number of tools from lean production, error proofing and design for manufacture improvements. A number of these devices have gone to clinical trial and we like to offer support to organisations from conception to mass production.

We also offer a variety of services to life science organisations, such as laser marking of devices, precision engineered components, subcontract batch manufacturing and many other manufacturing solutions.

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