Prototype & Fabrication

Every product created all started its life as a prototype! It is an essential step when evaluating the feasibility and functionality of a device. Whether it is as straightforward as an aluminium bracket or a complex precision machined optical lens, prototypes allow engineers to see their idea come to life.

Using a variety of machinery available at EFJ Engineering, we can tailor a solution to produce your prototype.


CNC Machining CentresCNC Router
Laser CutterLaser Marker
Wire EDMEDM Hole Drilling
Sinker EDMSurface Grinder
3D Printing (FDM)Line Bender



  • Development of Test Apparatus
  • Bespoke Jigs for Assembly Lines
  • Machining and Folding of Plastics
prototype assembly (2)
prototype assembly (3)
prototype assembly (4)
prototype assembly (1)

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