Christmas @ EFJ Engineering 2018

Christmas already?!?! The year flew by….

As it’s our first year as EFJ Engineering, we decided to create our very own Christmas decorations. We had great fun choosing the best designs, materials and colour. Some of the team thought we should have gone with our company colour, orange. But we all know this is better for Halloween!

We recently got our hands on some red glitter acrylic which screams Christmas so it was the obvious choice. Acrylic is easily cut and engraved using our CO2 Laser so we went with a classic motif. The CO2 laser allowed us to cut very detailed features into the material, whilst showing very little processing marks. We added on our name to the back so people know where to find them next Christmas!!


We wish everyone a peaceful and Merry Christmas from all the team at EFJ Engineering!

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