Our mission is to provide a wide range of quality manufacturing solutions to organisations across a variety of industries.

We strive to provide cost effective production solutions to increase the overall value offered to our clients.

Subcontract CNC Manufacturing

Whether it is a small batch of aluminium plates or several hundred precision machined components, EFJ offer quality subcontract manufacturing services.

Microfluidic Device Fabrication

Beginning in 2012, EFJ have been producing high-quality microfluidic discs and chips which undergo rigorous quality controls to ensure all devices produced are up to our client’s high expectations.

Laser Marking

Utilising both CO2 and Fibre Laser systems, we can mark most metals and non-metals. These include advanced materials such as PEEK, Titanium, Coated Metals and many more.

Precision Plastic Machining

We have the expertise to machine a variety of engineering plastics. From creating optical components in Acrylic to custom acetal electronic enclosures, our engineers can advise on the most appropriate material.

Laser Cutting Plastics

From laser cutting of 12mm Acrylic sheet to modifying ABS housings, we have the expertise and equipment to help!

Prototyping & Assembly

Utilising our variety of manufacturing and processing machinery, we can fabricate specific prototypes or develop custom test jigs.

Precision Engineering

From the production of bespoke jigs and fixtures to one-off part production, we have the flexibility and capability to create high-quality parts.

Industrial Labelling

We have the ability to sequentially mark QR Codes, Serial Numbers, Barcodes, CE Plates and many other applications across a variety of materials.

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